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The good is out there

imageThis sport, this lifestyle, it changes lives. It can certainly bring out the very best in people. It adds fitness and fun but it can add purpose and inspiration. This sport and this Ride the Rockies can transform people. I have┬ámet some great people and seen many new places in the three editions of RTR that I have ridden. I have seen parts of this adopted state of mine which I had not seen. I have met legends of cycling and everyday people out doing what they love. One me guy I met in Steamboat Springs points out that we spend a week moving around Colorado with 2,000 like-minded people. By the end of the week, we are a huge family. It’s a beautifle thing. From the the young lady from Boston on her first ride to the former pro rider out on his umpteenth tour, everyone has a story of how they fell in love with cycling. In the next few days, I will share some. Have fun, be safe. I’m going riding.